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FAQs : Our Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs : Our Frequently Asked Questions ! We give answers to the questions you are asking with smile and happiness 🙂

Click on “write a letter” then let yourself be guided.

Many people in the EHPAD are not able to answer moreover the infrastructures of the EHPAD do not necessarily allow it. However, we advise you, if you are of legal age, to add your telephone directly in your letter so that the recipient can answer you, if he wishes. You can also consult our social networks. We post photos of residents who have received your letters. 

Yes, you can! Once you are done writing your letter, you can choose the care home to which you would like to send your letter to. If you don't your letter will be sent to the care home that needs it the most 🙂

Several options are possible: 

1- Your students send their letter individually from their mailbox. They can then send you the confirmation email that their letter has been sent.

2- You can create an email address for your class, on which answers can be received. Each letter from your students will be entered and sent individually. In the first name box you can put the first name of the pupil or pupils if the letter is written by several. 

3- If you have another question you can contact us.

Yes, if you saw a big yellow heart directly on the site after writing your letter. Our server will send you a confirmation email as soon as it can. It may take several days, but we receive your letter instantly. Also check if you received it in the "junk" folder.

Ideally, letters are sent within a maximum of 7 days. We do our best to send them as soon as possible :).

Thank you for your invaluable proposition. The best way to help us is to keep writing such beautiful letters and talking about ourselves.

Of course, letters are to be consumed without moderation! However, send a different letter each time;).

We advise you to try from a computer.

No, adding a photo is optional but in reality it is recommended.

A photo of you, your family, a landscape, a drawing, a painting that you like, a photo of flowers…. In short, the more joyful and colorful your image, the better.

It's possible, just insert it as a photo. However, don't forget to write a letter to accompany it.

No, we are sorry, we cannot change your letter. We invite you to read it again before sending your next letter.

No, we forward your letters free of charge to establishments for the elderly who have registered on our site :). If you wish, you can help us reimburse printing costs for establishments by participating in the prize pool.

So that we can send you the older person's response if you receive a response to your letter :).

No, your letters are sent arbitrarily to our establishments for elderly partners, for the moment. We are working to set up a system for your letters to be sent to establishments near you or to the establishment of your choice.

Yes, however try to use as many words and sentences as possible to express what you would like to say to the person who will receive it. She may not be used to understanding smileys.

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