A summer at 1 Letter 1 Smile

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Created at the start of the French lockdown, 1 Lettre 1 Sourire gained early momentum over the last few months. With more than 420,000 letters sent thanks to you, the association quickly needed help to develop more projects. That is why four interns have joined the team this summer.

Here is their stories of being at 1 Lettre 1 sourire for the last two months.

Juliette and Léo, in charge of the communication

We joined 1 Lettre 1 Sourire in early July. The first thing that surprised us when we arrived is the number of letters the association had to deal with. Then, since we take care of social media, we quickly understood the extent of your interest in the project. You must know that we do everything we can to answer to all of your messages, on Facebook as well as Instagram. It really warms our heart to be able to directly discuss with you and have your feedback. We would love to tell you all that we have in store for you, but we cannot say it here. You can always secretly ask us in private message but do not say it to anyone, that stay between us…

Cyrus, in charge of the strategy

The first thing that surprised me when I arrived is the motivation and passion that all the members had. At the beginning, they explained al the projects and they all had light in their eyes when they would talk about it. I was the first intern to come in this dynamic, young and family-ran association. I got in charge of the strategy; I had to think long-term, look for potential financing, and partnerships. I loved

working for this cause which fits the current world climate and is essential for the elderly. So, do as I do and keep writing letters!

Charlotte, developer

Being in the team since early July, I quickly got to work. To me, a developer is like a puppet master pulling strings. And the advantage is that it never ends: when dig into the system, it is hard to get out. There is always room for improvement… or for a new bug to appear!

Being a developer for 1 Lettre 1 Sourire, that is not about writing lines of code from morning to evening, alone on the computer. Teamwork is key: with several brains on the same problem, the answer is easily found, so we share everything. Even if I will quit this project in September, I am counting on you to keep this project alive by

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