The Smile calendar with 1 Letter 1 Smile and Bonjour Senior

1 Letter 1 Smile and put a smile on seniors’ faces thanks to a solidarity Advent calendar!

If 2020 was a difficult year for all of us, older people were particularly impacted by the pandemic. Very vulnerable to Covid-19, they were hit by a great number of hospitalizations and deaths, as well as by the consequences of the different lockdown phases that were really hard on their morale. If the arrival of a vaccine could lead to a real end for this crisis, for now seniors need to preserve their health by reducing social interactions with friends and family. A real heart-breaker during these Christmas holidays that will most likely not be as entertaining as they usually are. 

As a way to support our elders 1 Letter 1 Smile and teamed up to create the Smile calendar.

A solidarity and intergenerational operation

In the form of a digital Advent calendar filled with children drawings, the Smile calendar’s goal is to publish, every day from the 1st to the 25th of December, an original work with a simple theme: smile. Each drawing, with a short description from the artist, is shared to the partnered seniors of the project with a daily newsletter! 

The goal is to put a smile back on isolated elders’ faces during the end of this tough year. 

Each drawing is then relayed on the 1 Letter 1 Smile platform by the team so that they can be shared with care home residents. It is not too late to register or send a drawing!

It is all happening here:, a portal dedicated to the question of age and autonomy

Offering practical guiding, news, as well as a selection of products and services aimed to support « better-aging », is a portal for elders and their supporters. 

This platform was created in 2018 and, just like 1 Letter 1 Smile, likes to develop participative and solidarity initiatives. The website implemented during the first French lockdown in March the sharing of talents between seniors called « Bonjour talents » and a hotline to support carers called « Bonjour aidants », in partnership with the association Avec nos proches.

We hope that the words in our letters and the children’s drawings can heal the heart and soul of our elders as much as possible!

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