I am crazy: I write a letter to someone I don’t know

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No, you are not crazy let me reassure you! let’s explain why… In most of the letters you write, a common phrase comes up: « It is strange to write to an unknown person ». It is indeed not really natural… For the first time you don’t know the letter’s receiver. What a strange feeling! the luckiest ones will get an answer; the others will have to keep on believing that their story will be read and re-read. So, is there a real point for you to write?

The power of writing

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First, it is fair to question the point in writing about yourself. After all, who cares? Well many people do actually.

Living in a rush, think about work, dreams crushed, family or our college Joseph which we argued with about over a printer issue: what a busy routine. How about a break?

Writing is like taking a break for a few minutes when life gets too much, to spray on a piece of paper our wildest dreams, our best memories, fears… That is an excellent way to share to someone we don’t know, our thoughts to feel a bit lighter.

“I want to tell you right away that I am not the best person to talk about joy because even if my world is very poetic, it is often blended in a constant sadness that I cannot explain. But I don’t want to fight against it, I can only try to accept it because in the end, it is a part of me and I don’t want to renounce myself.”

(extract from a letter)


Me, I got nothing to say…

What if I got nothing to say? Don’t panic, everything is worth telling! There is no day or week that passes without anything worth telling. Think about something that made you happy, this idea that crossed your mind, your favorite region in the world to visit or your favorite recipe. The most important is not just telling stories but to open your heart. And this, everyone can do it.

“A few months ago, a was shopping online, ma partner said “I’d like to eat some beets” so I ordered two cans of 400g. and what a surprise when the order arrived, and it was not 400g but 4000g of beets. Now I have eight kilos of stock and I don’t dare to eat them because if I open a can I will have to keep eating beets for two weeks. “

(Extract of a letter)


What about the grandmas?

You know that grandmas and grandpas love when you tell stories of your daily life. They love your words, your anecdotes, as crazy as they can be, your dreams and your doubts. The proof of that is in their feedback, your letters really warms their heart.

1 Letter 2 Smiles

In the end, writing to a stranger is definitely not crazy. Actually, it’s a priceless adventure, an opportunity to meet someone 5 or 1000km away from you, to share everything with them for a moment, without knowing anything from them. In the end it’s not 1 Letter 1 Smile but 1 Letter 2 Smiles. That’s what our writers say, happy to discover or re-discover the joy of writing.

“I thought that I was only writing for you, to give you something, but by being sincere I took great joy in this action.” (Extract from a letter)


Léo Chassain (Team Communication) 

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