Testimony: so much love behind the letters

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Today we listen to proofreaders. More like one in particular. As you know before a letter is sent to an isolated elderly person, it is proofread by a volunteer to make sure there are not any choking or malicious terms.

Héloïse explains her work and what she gets from it.

« You are the messengers of love »

Let me introduce myself, my name is Héloïse and I am a proofreader. As many others I am in charge of reading your letters to make sure our residents receive nice and sweet words. Do not worry of course most of the letters are excellent and full of joy!

Reading you all is a real heartwarming moment, you are full of kindness and attention towards our elders. Some write with style, other with humor, other go straight to the point. You are like the messengers of love spreading happiness around you, like a sweet breeze full of kisses. Your words make people smile. Your letters are wonderful!

Some write from Mexico, others from New Orleans or even Syria. It really warms my heart to see so many caring about people in care homes, you are so lovely! It is really entertaining when you tell your everyday stories, or just one that stroke you. It is really nice to share a piece of yourself, of your private life to amuse the residents.

« You are like a breath of fresh air for your readers »

Some ideas come up a lot in the proofreading. For example, the descriptions, all very impressive, of your creations during the lockdown: plants, music, sports, cooking… You really impressed us! You make us laugh when you start a funny description of your lockdown or of your pets. And of course, it really is touching when you share your personal experiences and pieces of your private life. You are like a breath of fresh air for your readers. So much attention, presence, love, it is pure gold during those are times!

So, keep making us dream during the proofreading, bringing us in your adventures, share your moments, and a big congratulations to you, you are doing something amazing!

Héloïse D. relectrice 

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